Journey through the Body

for kids aged 4-8


Learning about the body and learning how to listen to the body in playful ways through a fun activity book.


8 reasons why you might want to purchase this e-activity book:

1 - the e-book contains 38 creative and fun activities on the theme ‘the human body’, for children aged 4-8.

2 - the activities will support children to increase their body knowledge. When you know your body, you get to know yourself better.

3 - the activities will support children to listen to their body. When you listen to your body, you can better take care of yourself. 


4 - the games, puzzles, movement and arts and crafts activities promote body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth.

5 - the online visualization exercises will help children relax.

6 - the online dance videos promote the joy of moving and good health.

7 - a valuable way of spending free time. Ideal for holidays and out of school time and especially now that you and your children are stuck at home because of the Corona virus).



1. for individuals (1 family) - € 8,95 (approx. $USD 9,70) (incl. vat/tax)

2. for one class - € 16,95 (approx. $USD 18,30)  (incl. vat/tax)

3. for one school, organization, company or institution - € 27,95 (approx. $USD 30,20) (incl. vat/tax)


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E-activity book Journey through the Body

An activity book with 38 activities for kids aged 4 - 8

€ 8,95

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