why PROMOTING body awareness in children is so important


February 25, 2020


"Miss, when I listened to my feet, they said they were happy that I took such good care of them."


What is body awareness?
Before giving 12 reasons why it is important to stimulate body awareness among children, I first want to share a little more about what body awareness actually is.

The definition that I use during training is:

Give your body a holiday too!

10 tips & affirmations to take good care of your body during the holidays.


July, 2021

In this blog I would like to share 10 tips with you on how you can take better care of your body during the summer holidays so that your body also experiences a holiday feeling. Each tip is accompanied by an affirmation. A positive phrase that you can say to yourself regularly. By repeating the sentence, you change your thoughts and behavior. They support taking good care of yourself.