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We live in a mind-centered world in which children are exposed everyday to an ongoing stream of external stimuli and demands. It is therefore more urgent than ever to teach children from an early age how to stay body-centered. In essence this involves children learning to appreciate and to love themselves, to listen to the body, and to understand that the body is a thinking organism that knows.

This book supports teachers, movement educators, or anyone working with children to foster the most important relationship we can ever have, the relationship with the body and self. Journey through the Body is a practical travel guide through a creative and playful body-centered curriculum developed for children between four and eight years of age. It promotes three important foundational building blocks for life: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth.


Through the power of mindfulness, movement, dance, yoga, and art, children explore their whole body and learn to listen to and interpret its signals. This empowers them to make positive choices for their overall health and well-being.

Part I of the book contains information about the child development theories on which Journey through the Body is built.

Part II presents information about the method and unique didactics used in this curriculum.

Part III provides the practice which includes eight easy-to-use lesson plans to facilitate a journey through the body. Included with purchase is free access to online videos and other support material that enables the reader to teach the Journey in multiple settings.

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paperback - 148 pages

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