2-day teacher training

The Journey of Embodiment

A 2-day adventure of personal and professional development.


This training is developed for primary school teachers, afterschool teachers, dance- and movement teachers, social workers, coaches or anybody that aspires to empower children in a body-centered way.

After participating in this training you will receive a ‘Journey through the Body’ certificate and you become part of the international certified teacher community of this method.

Experience in dance, movement or yoga is not needed!

Day 1 of the training is dedicated to you and your role as the teacher of this method. You will experience the intent, the building blocks and the added value of the method for yourself. This allows you to share the method from an embodied place (as a role model).
In addition, the teacher skills (didactics) that are important for the transfer of this method will be explored.


Day 2 of the training is dedicated to the practice. We will immerse ourselves in the class format. You will receive practical tools for facilitating and executing the lesson plans tailored to your target group. Observing a 'Journey through the Body' class with participating children is also part of this day. At the end you will receive business tips on how you can successfully implement the method in your company and/or organization.

Upon completion of this training, you’ll return to your (after)school, organization or studio with confidence, a new curriculum, and a renewed approach to sharing with your students the joyful experience of body-centered education. Ready and equipped with the tools and experience you need to share this body of work with joy and ease.

You also receive:


♡ A starters kit;
♡ The book Journey through the Body;
♡ An online community on Facebook for support and inspiration;

♡ You will be registered as a certified instructor with your name and contact info on the website of www.journeythroughthebody.com;

NOTE: for all the dutch participants, you will also be mentioned on the dutch website www.reisdoorhetlichaam.nl.

♡ Use of the name "Journey through the Body."

♡ Proof of certification;

contact us if you would like to explore options for organizing a training in your country or area. We are happy to explore the possibilities with you.

IN-Company training

The training is also available as an IN-company based training at your location.
In this way the training can be given at any of your desired locations and shaped in a way you and your colleagues suits best.


An IN-company training offers you many advantages:


♡  The course content is flexible and can optionally be customized for your organization.
♡  You will save on travel time and travel costs for the participants by determining the location.
♡  Through consultation with us you will decide the optimal size of the group(s).
♡  Participants will receive a certificate as proof of participation.