Journey through the body


A creative program in which education meets mindfulness, movement, dance, yoga, and art to promote body awareness, self-awareness and self-worth in children between the age of 4 till 8.

Journey through the Body© is a creative and innovative curriculum developed for children between the ages of 4 and 8.  Through a series of classes, in which mindfulness, movement, dance, and yoga are combined with drawing, the children are taken on a joint adventure through their body. Each class focuses on a specific body part. The last class focuses on the entire body, connecting all body parts. The different body parts are explored, discovered, and experienced through body-centered education in which mindfulness plays an important role. Other creative tools such as visualizations, games, group discussions, and storytelling are used to playfully stimulate body awareness, self-awareness, creativity and social-emotional skills. Each class ends with drawing and/or coloring the specific body part. This gives the children the opportunity to anchor and express their experiences and perceptions and embody what they have learned. The drawing is a creative log capturing their journey of discovery. At the end of the program the children have a beautiful and valuable "souvenir" of their journey, to take home.

The children learn to listen to their body and build body awareness. This empowers children in making happy choices for their health and well-being.

Added value of the program

Increasing body awareness and knowledge about the body;

Learning to work with the body;

Fostering social-emotional development including cooperation, respect and compassion for others and differences;

Promoting a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence;

Self-empowerment. Letting kids experience their power and uniqueness.

Joyful and playful learning: becoming wiser while playing!

Developing movement expression and extension of the vocabulary;

Developing spatial orientation;

♡ Learning to see, sense and express themselves;
Welcoming children to feel at home in their body and experience the body as a safe place to live and BE in and that they can always return to;
Learning and embodying coping skills thereby enhancing self-control and discipline;
Stimulating creativity and self-expression;
Connecting the physical and mental realms;
Stimulating motor and cognitive development;
Increasing the body's flexibility, strength, balance and mobility;
Enhancing concentration and relaxation;
Stimulating brain development;
Developing musicality and a sense of rhythm;


In this body-centered and innovative curriculum, children learn about their body by being mindful, listening, looking, sensing, feeling, and exploring. All senses are activated and integrated. The exploration is done through dance, movement games, and visualization practices. The drawing and/or coloring of the body parts at the end of class is the 'connective tissue' of the journey. In this section the connection is created between body and mind.  Everything the children have experienced, learned and felt is now united in a drawing. This ensures that they embody the knowledge and experiences and deepen their understanding of the content.

Through social interaction during class, social development and self-awareness is stimulated. The child also learns values and standards that are important for a positive interaction with others. Interaction in which respect (for differences) and compassion are key. The children learn and experience that they are good just as they are. Their uniqueness and their unique way of expression is encouraged. This promotes self-confidence and helps to assist children to come to and be in their personal power. Journey through the Body promotes positive development and supports children in coming home to their body which is important for a strong foundation in life and to learn well.




Journey through the Body’s class format exists of 5 steps. Mindfulness is the thread that runs through all of them.

1. Science - through image (see) and somatic research (sense), the specific body parts are being explored.
While transferring the science of the body, the children are directly invited and encouraged to perceive and sense their own body.
2. Movement - through movement games, dance, and yoga the children are encouraged to explore the body. This varies between individual and group assignments.

3. Dreaming - relaxation and visualization exercises.

4. Drawing - drawing or coloring the specific body part and reflect on what the children have learned.
5. Celebrating - class ends with giving and receiving compliments.


Journey through the Body© is a flexible program that can be fully customized. The journey includes moving through all parts of the body. Whatever the scope of the course, its duration (number of lessons/classes) can be adjusted as desired.

Guidelines that ensure a comprehensive and positive experience:
- A complete journey through a body part takes up to 60-75 minutes.

- A room such as a small gym or movement room with a hard floor is preferable.


Extra options:
- The program can be completed with an exhibition and/or dance performance for parents, care takers, and other interested parties.
- Instead of offering a series of classes, it is also possible to offer a single workshop for the children at your (after)school or organization.

- Would you like to experience the journey for yourself or your team and get a feeling of what the children are experiencing? Book a teacher workshop.

Are you interested in offering this innovative and creative curriculum within your organization, school or afterschool program? Just contact us and we will be happy to explore how we can support you to start implementing this curriculum in your school or program.