Added Value program journey through the body

♡ increasing body awareness;

♡ increasing knowledge about the body;

♡ learning to cooperate with the body;
♡ respecting one's own body;

♡ developing a positive and healthy body image;
♡ increasing (emotional) resilience;

♡ promoting a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence;
♡ stimulates the autonomy of the child;
♡ promotes empowerment of the child;
♡ development of self-care, making choices that have a positive effect on their health and well-being.

♡ stimulating social-emotional development including cooperation, respect and compassion;
♡ learning to deal more effectively with stressful situations;

♡ incentive to move;

♡ development of movement expression;

♡ expanding the movement vocabulary and movement skills;

♡ developing moving independently;

♡ stimulating the joy of dance and creativity development;

♡ connecting body and mind;

♡ promoting the motor and cognitive development;
♡ exercise and moving with pleasure and fun;

♡ increasing the flexibility, strength, balance and mobility of the body;

♡ increasing the concentration;
♡ reducing stress

♡ developing spatial orientation;

♡ stimulating brain development;

♡ musical development and sense of rhythm;

♡ while playing becoming wiser!