8 week online certification training

journey through the body

A journey of embodiment


Through this training, the participants are trained to become certified Journey through the Body teachers.


The training is designed for: primary education teachers, special education teachers, physical education teachers, pedagogical staff, afterschool teachers, coaches working with children, dance and movement teachers.


This training accredits participants to facilitate Journey through the Body classes with children as set out in the curriculum. This training explicitly does not accredit participants to facilitate training (in whatever form and for whatever purpose) to adults and professionals.

Important: experience in movement, dance, or yoga is not necessary.

content of training

The training is aimed at the professional and personal development of the participant.


During this 8 week journey, we meet every week, from the comfort of your own home, for a 2-hour online "live" training session (important note, session 7 lasts 2.5 hours).


Weeks 1-4 are dedicated to you and your role as a teacher of this program. You will experience and learn about the purpose, intention, the building blocks and the added value of the program and the methodology. You will learn skills (didactics) that are important for sharing this program, creating an optimal pedagogical climate, and ensuring that its purpose and intent are passed on.


Weeks 5-8 of the training are dedicated to the practices. You will learn and experience the class format and receive practical tools to facilitate and implement the lesson plans for your specific target group. Observing children in a classroom context and practicing to teach a class are also part of the modules. At the end, you will receive tips on how to successfully implement the program in your school, company and/or organization.


After completing the training, you will return to work with the necessary tools and experience to share the curriculum right away!



week 1

Module 1

Introduction & the 3 building blocks

week 2

Module 2

Journey through your Body


week 3

Module 3

Mindful Didactics


week 4

Module 4

Heartful Didactics


week 5

Module 5

The Class Format


week 6

Module 6

Observing a class


week 7

Module 7

Teaching a class


week 8

Module 8

Dreaming & Celebrating (certification)

The 2 hour sessions provide you with enough time to arrive, receive new knowledge, tools and experiences, to practice, reflect, and share/connect with the group.

Participants receive:


♡ worksheets;

♡ proof of certification;
♡ the book Journey through the Body and shipping costs;

♡ access to the Spotify playlists;
♡ access to a teacher's page on the website with support materials;

♡ membership to an online teacher community on Facebook for support and inspiration;

recognition as a certified teacher/organization on the website;

♡ official use of the name Journey through the Body.



€595 (excl. tax & add. costs)*

Payment in installments is possible. Please make a note of this in the registration form and we will contact you about it.



What you need:

- a good internet connection;

- a laptop, ipad, or computer with video and audio options, so that we can see and hear you clearly;

- a space where you can be alone, undisturbed, and in which you have some what space to move;

- worksheets (will be sent out to you before the trainingsession starts);

- drawing paper and crayons/pastels.

- additional: soundsystem you can attach to your device.

Free consultation

If you would like a free 15 min. consultation to explore if this training is meant for you or to ask any questing you may have. Send your request for a free consultation below and I will contact you.


Upcoming training

Get your team or group trained. Together we tailor the training to your needs.


Is this training online?

Yes, this training is online. The training sessions will take place through ZOOM, an online training platform. You will receive a link in your inbox before each session. That's why it is important to have a good internet connection and a device in which the video and audio function works, so we can see and hear you.


Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, the training sessions will be recorded, however the training is designed and intended that you attend the sessions live. 100% presence is a requirement for obtaining the certificate.


What if I am unable the attend a session?

If you already know you will be unable to attend one session, it is best to get in touch with the trainer before booking. 100% presence is a requirement for obtaining the certificate. It may be possible to catch up a session at a different time.


Do I need experience in the field of movement, art, or mindfulness to attend this training?

No, no experiece is needed or required for attending this training. 


Do I need to pay tax/vat?

If you are a business owner/self-employed or have a tax number and are registered in the EU, the tax will be transferred to you. You receive an invoice with your tax number and 0% tax/vat. You will have to pay the tax/vat in your own country.


If you are a business owner/self-employed or have a tax number and are registered outside the EU, it depends if your country levy tax for services/ training. You will receive an invoice with 0% tax.


If you register as a private person, it doesn't matter if you are living in or outside the EU. In both cases you will be charged 21% tax.

I would like to train my team online, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. We have Incompany options available. Please contact us for a free quotation.