Learning Objectives

The participant learns and experiences:


  • how to promote and increase three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth in children.
  • how to create a deeper understanding of their own body and strengthen the relationship with their body by using learning through movement and play.
  • understand the language of the body and interpret its signals and transfer this skill and knowledge to the students.
  • body-centered methods and exercises from mindfulness to promote body awareness and listening to the signals of the body.
  • the method body-centered education.
  • what mindfulness is and how mindfulness is used in the program.
  • mindful teacher skills (didactics) and how to use them to promote the three building blocks for a strong foundation as well as creating an optimal pedagogical climate and learning environment.
  • learning to create a safe pedagogical climate and learning environment in which the child can develop freely and self-worth is promoted.
  • recognizing and learning to deal constructively with “allergic reactions” to children.
  • effectively setting boundaries for unacceptable behavior.
  • deal effectively with difficult behavior.
  • knowledge and experience of the class format, consisting of 5 steps.
  • observing a Journey through the Body class given to children and reflecting on it.
  • to teach independently and to apply the method and what has been learned over the training.
  • practical tools and tips for integrating the program in their own practice/school.
  • integrate the acquired knowledge and experience into their own life in order to promote their own personal development, well-being, and health and thereby give substance to the role of a role-model.
  • insight into their qualities and points of development with regard to personal and professional development.