Workshops \ lectures

for professionals in education, child care, and afterschool

Journey through the Body offers various workshops to inspire and support professionals (in training) working in education, childcare and afterschool. The general intent of the workshops is to support and inspire professionals in their personal and professional development, in taking care of their own health and well-being and being an example for the children they work with.

Are you looking for an inspiring offer for an event that is coming up, a meeting with your team/staff, or for the professionals in training at your school/university? If so, have a look at the menu below. Perhaps we have a offer that resonates with you. In addition, we offer tailor-made workshops. The general focus of the workshops is on:

prevention and the promotion of children's health and well-being as well as for the people who work with them. Three pillars in our workshops/lectures are body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth. The body, that which we can perceive through the body, and the wisdom that resides in the body are vital resources in the workshops. 

The workshops are interactive and designed on experiential learning. Intellectual knowledge is interspersed with the experience of the theory, which means that the knowledge gained is directly applicable in practice, remains better retained and therefore has effective value for the long term.

The content can be tailor-made and coordinated in consultation with the needs of the school, organization or institution. Curious about what we could do for you? Contact us and let us explore the possibilities together or make a choice from the menu below.


Introduction workshop journey through the body

Intent: an introduction to the educational program Journey through the Body. The participant receives among other, practical tips and tools for promoting body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth in children in a playful way. In addition, the participant also gets introduced to body-centered education and how to use it for promoting greater health and well-being.

Mindful in front of class or a group

Intent: exploring, experiencing and learning mindful teaching skills. The participant learns and receives knowledge and tools to stand in front of  class / the group with more focus, peace and awareness. In addition, the participant learns and experiences how to consciously create an optimal pedagogical climate and learning environment, while at the same time stimulating students self-esteem.

YOUR body - a compass towards vitality & well-being

Intent: the participant learns and experiences what listening to the body really means, why it is important and how to integrate this into daily (working) life. In addition, the participant learns and experiences how to use the body as a personal compass in making choices that lead to vitality and well-being.

prevent physical complaints

Intent: to consciously create relaxation and comfort in the body. From the automatic pilot back to one's own conscious choice making in every single moment. Learning to make choices that have a positive influence on the participants physical health and well-being and therefore prevent physical complaints.

"A happy body contributes to a happy mind and both contribute to a happy life."

no more stress!

Intent: to explore the causes, effects, and consequences of stress, to learn to recognize the signals in an early stage and to receive tips and tools on how to deal with stress so that stress and stress complaints (burnout) are prevented. The participant learns to use mindfulness to take good care of himself and to deal with the challenges of this time.